Helder Alcaparra, born in Lisbon, 1975, spent more time on front of the telly or a cinema screen, during his schools days, than actually studying, thus making cinema his main source of inspiration for the photographs he shoots today.

His career and the fulfilling of a long dream started in 1994 when he started is Photography Professional Degree at I.P.F. (Instituto Português de Fotografia), up until 1996. Between a part-time during the afternoon and classes during the morning, all his spare time and money were dedicated to photography.

In 1996, once classes ended, he entered a stage of uncertainties regarding what to do, and what kind of photography he was really interested in doing.

He’s a big fan of horror and gore films, and an admirer of vinyl clothes. These, mixed up with contrasted and saturated colours, provide a specific look and sensuality that interests him particularly. He had found the subject for his photos: “fetish and blood”.

2000 was the year of the first bleeding, a task not easy to accomplish, due to the inherent difficulty of finding models. He created his website, where the work could be shown, and which could help him find additional models to photograph. On that very same year, he started a long and hard road in the image digital treatment area, modifying his photos and thus creating personal worlds – which, in some cases, makes him wonder if he’s doing the work of a photographer or an image maker.