– My sweet and beautiful wife Andreia Alcaparra, you are a V.I.P. a very important point in my life, you are the person that barely knew me and always had a big faith in me and in my photographic work since day 1, you are the person that have always supported my photographic works as a model and as well an admirer of my work, thanks for being always by my side, love you.

– My Friend Paulo Rocha thanks for all the time and patience that you spent explaining me how to manage my new website, thanks to you I have a brand new website, thank you my friend.

– A special thxs to my close friend Homero for all the energy and time spent making my first website. He was the guy that cheered me up when I was down and almost forced me (ehehehe) to go forward with my photos (and i’m still shooting!).

– A huge thxs to my friend “Helena CybernetikDoll” for all the confidence you have in me, specially in the beginning (first photo session and first model) and thxs again for facing the wind, cold and rain, thxs for the clothes changing, for being still in the same position for over 20 seconds, baring people looking at you while we were shooting etc, etc, etc big kiss.

– A big thxs to my (at least) unusual friend Sofia “Sophya” for the (also) unusual positions on the photos, for allowing me to take photos in her house as well as for listening to my weird thoughts in Bairro Alto and some others places ehehe!!! kiss kiss.

– Once again I would like to thank “Erothiko” and to the “Amante do Gerente” (can´t disclose her real name because his wife might show up here) for the opportunity of allowing me to exhibit at the Erotic Fair and also for the (big) help they gave me regarding my photographs. Thxs for the patience and for thinking of me.

– My Beautiful friend Ana (Almada), probably my only friend that can be quiet, serious, sweet and beautiful at the same time. I had a special photographic experience with you, albeit with great results. Thanks for all the models I get because of you. 1000 kisses”.

– My sweet and special friend Margarida you were the most versatile girl I´ve ever took photos of, you look amazing in very different ways, all the clothes fit ok on you, no matter what type. Thxs for everything Margarida. Big kiss just for you”.

– My dear friend Sara, you are what I call a S.F.M. Super Fetish Model. Thxs to you, I had photos exposed in places that I had never thought. Thxs to you, I had my first vinyl photo experience. The result was a big step in my career and of course thxs for all the time spent with me and all the blood all over you ehhehe!!! Lots of kisses.

– A special thanks to my japonese-animation-(manga)-super-fan Carla Meco, different from everyone I know ? I had a very short photographic experience with you but with excellent results. Thxs for everything, I miss you my friend.

– Rita, the heavy metal poet girl who I met in an unusual way ?. Thxs for being available for a photo session with so short notice and thanks for the blood that you had in your hands because of me eheheh!!!

– My dear Sandra (fnac), what can I say about you… I´m REALLY REALLY thankful for the way you posed for me. You never trusted your photographic capabilities but, as you can see in my photos, you did an excellent job. Thxs for everything”.

– Well, now is probably the most difficult thxs of all, I really don´t how to say how much I appreciate what you Sergio Branco and Filipa Malva do Valle (a unique couple) have done for me. THXS for all the 687354 times that you let me use your great house, for the trips to Castanheira, for the energy and support to go ahead with my work, for the texts about my art, for the chance to show my photos in a gallery/restaurant, for all the conversations all night long, etc, etc, etc. A huge thxs to you guys.

– Victor Pereira (Dj Deevine) my second webmaster and friend, I don´t know what to say…. we are so different from one another, but we understand each other so well ehehehe!! Well thxs for all the nights you spent sleepless because of me, thxs for all the creativity on my website, for the patience and for all the effort. I´m really thankful, I really am.

– Dear Anita, The model from the other side of the river ehehe!! First of all thanks for all the clothes you brought, thanks for facing the extreme cold without making any movement, and the most important THXS, thanks for the trust on me, you barely knew me. A sweet big kiss my friend.

– I have 4 thank yous for you only, friend Yella; Thank you for all the good will you showed from the beginning, for the shooting to take place; Thank you for almost tearing the house apart because of the shooting; Thank you for the dinners and the nice chats all through the night (specially the one on the 28th of April 2006); and, lastly, thank you for having a highly patient husband who put up with me and helped me with the shooting.

– Friend Nadia, I never met someone in person so quickly as I met you. All that, because you trusted me from the beginning, thank you. Also thank you for having so many expectations towards my photographic capacities and for having so many ideas for the photos. And of course, also have to thank your boyfriend for the patience to lie down on the stones for so long, thank you.

– Guida, I meet you, at the least, in a different way an (almost) unbelievable coincidence, and besides that, it was highly complicated for us to set our schedules together and do the shooting. To make it worse, you got the dirtiest feet you´ll ever get, during the shooting, ehehe! Thank you for the good will you showed during this not so easy process, the result was exceptional, Rest in peace my friend.

– Susana, as you probably imagine, I´ll firstly thank you for putting up with the awful wind and cold during the session and now I will praise you for, with only 10 photos and half a sentence from me, already knowing in which position I wanted you. For all that, and for showing an outstanding at-ease, a huge thank you.

– My dear friend Dora, I thank you for several reasons, some of which i would like to emphasize: first of all, thank you for being interested in my photographer’s work from the beginning; thank you for ruining your clothes e almost freezing with those low temperatures… ehehe! Thank you for getting me the contact of future models and for all your trust from the start, even when our friendship was still fragile. I assure you that I will forget none of this. Kiss kiss my friend.

– Miss Rute Portela, from the first day I saw you I had a good feeling about you and about the results of the photographic work I would do with you. The results can be seen now. I have a lot to thank you, especially for the goodwill that you have shown, for your trust and friendship, for the Tomar-Lisboa Lisboa-Tomar trip and for subjecting yourself to be photographed in “indecent” clothes, ehehehe!! There is still a lot to say, trust me. Than you very much.

– Vanessa, it took us months and months to manage to get a schedule that would fit us both for a photographic session, but finally we did it and you were extraordinary, both in your confidence as in your initiative during the session. Thank you for trusting me, to the point of meeting me in such unusual places for the shootings… eheheh!! Big kiss.

– Other people (not less important). A big thxs to all my close friends (you know who you are, right??) that are not directly connected to my photos or website but who saw the photos (that was a big help guys, thxs) and criticized very HARD, YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN, RIGHT Marco?!?! (another never ending friend), and of course my bright sister Micé always with her very own personalis point of view about my photos, you always liked the photos that no one does, thanks ehehehehe!!!!